R.S.V.P. Santa in Oxford, OH

Professional Santa Claus in Oxford OH

"Santa wants you to know when he's got an opening for your special visit so he gave me permission to publish the

calendar you see below (sorry, phone user, this probably won't display correctly for you). However, our North Pole

attorney, Elf Lög og Regla, has informed me of a few caveats: first, this calendar is FOR INFORMATIONAL

PURPOSES ONLY and is subject to change a lot and fill up as we move closer to the big day (don't worry, once

you're on his books Santa is very good at sticking to his schedule); second, your submission of the Inquiry Form above

is NOT A GUARANTEE that your Christmas visit can be arranged as requested; third, the travel office here at the Pole

doesn't approve unscheduled sleigh trips, so be sure to put your request in early to reserve the best available time slot. Just know that Santa doesn't want to see anybody disappointed and will do everything he can to make a great visit work for YOU.

"One thing more, the Big Guy likes to call a day or two ahead of time to speak with adults about certain particulars (names of children, special requests, etc.) and will also call at the time of his visit to let you know he's ready for his entrance, or on very rare occasions he may alert you to a travel problem which might delay his arrival (the reindeer sometimes fly into foggy weather). This is why we like to have a phone number where you can be reached.

"Speaking of travel, I gotta get back to my desk and work on this year's Christmas Eve itinerary. Catch you later!"

R.S.V.P. Santa Calendar

RSVP Santa
705 Marcia Drive  Oxford OH 45056-2531
(513) 255-1333

Thank you for your patronage.

Note that submitting an inquiry or request does NOT guarantee a visit can be arranged. PLEASE DO NOT PAY until your booking has been confirmed via PHONE or EMAIL.

Many of Santa's friends choose to pay with a check made out to R.S.V.P. Santa enclosed in a Christmas card (Santa dislikes receiving money in front of the kiddos). 

Or HERE'S an easy, safe, and discreet method of paying for your visit** with PayPal.

Paying for your visit...

For corporate events, or to request a Community Non-Profit Visit, please contact R.S.V.P. Santa for more information and special pricing.

Please Fill out and submit this Inquiry Form.

with Santa Ray

​Christmas Magic

"Hi! You know Santa is a pretty busy guy. In fact, here at the North Pole I'd probably say Santa is the busiest guy around. He's always checking his lists, sticking his head into the toyshop, helping with reindeer training, and tasting the latest efforts out of Mrs. C's kitchen. The very BEST way to find yourself a spot on his busy calendar is to start by filling out the Inquiry Form found below. Santa checks his emails daily and will get right back to you, usually within 24 hours."

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If you're on this map, Santa Ray can pay your home a visit! If you are located outside the RED CIRCLE, an extra travel charge will be included in your billing.

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Elf Góður Tími explains how to arrange your memorable, magical visit from Santa...

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